Building a Sustainable Future – Roadmap to Net Zero by 2050!

Building a Sustainable Future Report CoverWe’re proud to unveil the O’Reilly Group’s comprehensive roadmap to Net Zero by 2050!

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This plan is our steadfast commitment to advancing sustainability within our operations and contributing to a greener planet.

  • Afforestation: We’ve planted 15,000 trees at our Oakstown plant, setting a clear path towards creating a sustainable environment, with plans to expand afforestation to other facilities.
  • Sustainable Concrete: We’re implementing processes like carbon capture and the use of recycled water to make our concrete production even more environmentally friendly.
  • Offsite Manufacturing: Our innovative Architectural Wall Panels not only expedite the building process but also reduce on-site waste, making construction more sustainable.
  • Tech-Driven Efficiency: We’re leveraging technology like BIM and advanced software to optimise operations, reduce waste, and provide high-quality, sustainable products to our customers.
  • Renewable Energy: We’re shifting towards generating 100% of our electricity from renewable sources, kicking off with solar panel installation across all production buildings.
  • We’re proud to be taking significant strides towards achieving Net Zero by 2050.

To read more about our commitments and plans, check out the full sustainability plan below, or if you would like a high-res copy to print or share please contact us here. 

Together, we are building a sustainable future!