How Can using Precast Save Money Compared to Traditional Construction?

Can using Precast Save Money

Can using precast save money?

The first and most obvious way precast saves money is the massive reduction in labour units for the erection of the frame, this could be as much as a 70% saving on the building of the structural frame on site, no steel fixers, no shuttering carpenters, and no concrete finishers.

This means Health and Safety management on site is improved due to the reduced number of workers. The overall execution time of the project is significantly reduced as is the risk. This means less facilities on site and for a shorter duration.

How can using precast save money compared to traditional construction?

Precast construction creates far less waste than traditional “wet” construction methods which means it’s better for the environment and so is more cost effective. The off-site construction method is less weather dependent than other forms of construction, this means precast eliminates possible delays especially in winter when work on sites may stop or be delayed due to inclement weather.

Design Benefits 

The design of the structure is normally carried out by the precast company, and this helps mitigate towards a lean design, helping to ensure that the building is not over-engineered.

This is possible because in a quality-controlled factory environment it is easy to have dimensional accuracy around placement of re-bar, mechanical connections and better consistency in the quality and curing of concrete.

All these factors have a real and tangible effect on reductions in costs on any building project.

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