One Common Problem with Precast and How we Overcame it

team addressing a common problem with precast

A Common Problem with Precast

One common problem with precast we found in the past, when a project was being planned, was the lack of co-ordination between the architect, the structural engineer, the mechanical and electrical sub-contractor, and the roofing contractor.

As the precast frame designer and manufacturer, we realised that in the case of most projects, we would have to take the lead, and that is what we normally do now.

Our Approach

Once we have designed and detailed the building, we normally arrange a workshop which includes the mechanical and electrical contractor, the roofing contractor, the external cladding contractor, the architect, and the structural designer.

This workshop is held so we can facilitate approvals of our production sheets. This allows all the affected parties to view the drawings before they are finally put into production. We use Tekla 3D software to view the model and, in many cases, the other contractors are using the same software, so this enables us to overlay drawings on the model to see if there are any clashes.

A typical comment might be “We need an extra service opening on that wall. Can this be accommodated?” We now have the opportunity to examine any queries or issues that might arise.

We have found over the years that our workshop approach is very effective and reduces this common problem with precast projects. We get a lot of the problems ironed out at the start of the job, so it helps eliminate any potential blockages for the good and timely execution of the project for all parties involved.

The Importance of Co-Ordination

The frame or structure of the building is always the Critical Path in the build programme. All other elements of the building programme are effected by the frame programme. So it goes without saying that it is so important to get good co-ordination right from the start to avoid any problems.

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