Precast Frame Project at Sherriff’s Gate Worcester

Precast Frame Project at Worchester

Precast Frame Project

Truly fantastic work being carried out on O’Reilly Precast’s latest Precast Frame Project at Sherriff’s Gate in Worcester.

When completed, the project will boast a total of 498 Apartments, a Hotel, Restaurant & Leisure Facilities.

Thanks to the hard work of our fitting crew, A total of 47 loads of Precast Concrete Walls, Floors & Stairs have been supplied & installed in just 5 days.

A special thank you to Elliott GroupBM Transport Ltd., Tusker Construction Group & Cork Crane Hire for their support & cooperation on this great project

Work began in this summer of the multimillion-pound development at Sherriff’s Gate in Worcester. Plans include 2 apartment blocks of 468 apartments, including two and three-bedroom homes that will be home to over 1,000 people, a hotel, restaurants and other leisure facilities.

O’Reilly Precast are supplying the precast concrete products to both Block A and B of the apartment development for this precast frame project.

Precast Frame Project – Products

Hollowcore Flooring: 16,499.75 m²
Precast Walls: 7,440.70 m²
Precast Stairs: 58 Flights, 450 Risers
Precast Columns: 18
Precast Beams: 72

What are Precast Frames?

Precast frames are pre-made concrete frames which we supply for use in construction. These frames are manufactured off-site at our tailor made factory and they are then transported to the construction site for installation.

They can be used to support the weight of a building and provide a structure for the building’s walls, floors, and roof. Our precast concrete products, such as our columns and beams, are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide long-lasting durability.

Our frames are designed and manufactured to fit bespoke requirements and provide significant time and cost savings compared to traditional on-site construction methods.

Our precast frames provide a strong and stable structure that once installed ensures the safety and security of the building. Follow us on LinkedIn for more project updates

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