In an era where sustainability is paramount, industries across the board are seeking innovative solutions to reduce their environmental footprint. The construction sector, in particular, stands at a critical juncture where adopting eco-friendly practices is not just a choice but a necessity. At O’Reilly Precast, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement, championing sustainable solutions that prioritise the health of our planet without compromising on quality or efficiency.

  1. Reduced Carbon Emissions

One of the most significant environmental benefits of precast construction lies in its ability to minimise carbon emissions. Traditional construction methods often involve extensive on-site operations, leading to higher energy consumption and increased greenhouse gas emissions. However, precast concrete components are manufactured off-site in controlled environments, allowing for optimised energy usage and reduced emissions. By producing precast elements in a factory setting, we can significantly lower our carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.

  1. Resource Efficiency

Precast construction also offers notable advantages in terms of resource efficiency. Unlike traditional cast-in-place methods, which can result in material waste and excess usage of natural resources, precast manufacturing allows for precise measurement and optimisation of materials. This means less wastage of concrete, steel, and other resources, leading to both cost savings and environmental conservation. Additionally, the durability and longevity of precast concrete structures further enhance resource efficiency by reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

  1. Enhanced Air Quality

The production of precast concrete components involves stringent quality control measures, including the use of eco-friendly additives and admixtures. These additives not only improve the strength and durability of the concrete but also contribute to better air quality by reducing the emission of harmful pollutants. As a result, precast construction not only minimises environmental impact during the manufacturing process but also helps create healthier indoor and outdoor environments for occupants and communities alike.

  1. Sustainable Design Opportunities

At O’Reilly Precast, we understand the significance of integrating sustainable design principles into each project. A fundamental aspect of our commitment involves integrating Ecocem GGBS (Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag) into our products. We incorporate up to 30% of Ecocem mix in our prestressed, precast concrete, and paving products. Ecocem GGBS serves as a high-performance substitute for traditional cement, enhancing both technical performance and aesthetics while significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Through close collaboration with clients and partners, we aim to deliver tailored precast solutions that not only fulfill aesthetic and functional requirements but also align with sustainability objectives.

  1. Long-Term Environmental Benefits

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of precast construction is its long-term environmental benefits. Unlike temporary solutions or quick fixes, precast concrete structures are built to last, withstanding the test of time and environmental wear. By investing in precast construction today, we’re not just addressing immediate environmental concerns but also laying the foundation for a more sustainable future for generations to come.

In conclusion, the environmental benefits of precast construction are undeniable. From reducing carbon emissions and resource consumption to improving air quality and enabling sustainable design, precast concrete offers a holistic solution to the challenges facing the construction industry. At O’Reilly Precast, we’re committed to driving positive change through innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast dedication to sustainability. Together, let’s build a greener, more resilient world, one precast structure at a time.

Join O’Reilly Precast at UK Construction Week: Where Offsite Construction Meets Innovation

We’re delighted to announce that O’Reilly Precast will be participating in the UK’s largest built environment event—UK Construction Week (UKCW)—taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from 3-5 October.

Join us at Stand OS112 to discover the latest in architectural wall panels and more. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to discuss the unique features of our products and answer any questions you may have.

UKCW Birmingham

Why You Should Register Now

Apart from connecting with us, UKCW offers a wealth of benefits:

  • 1:1 interactions with top offsite manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Live demonstrations of diverse offsite construction solutions.
  • Networking opportunities with over 100,000 industry professionals.
  • A series of informative CPD Masterclasses led by sector experts.
  • Access to engaging panel discussions aimed at shaping the future of construction.

Register now to secure your spot and experience the future of construction firsthand. We look forward to seeing you at Stand OS112!

In a recent development, Minister for Finance Michael McGrath has announced a significant amendment to the Defective Concrete Products Levy, which has garnered much attention since its introduction as part of Budget 2023. This amendment is set to have a positive impact on the precast concrete industry, and O’Reilly Concrete is pleased to share this important news with our customers.

Concrete Products Levy Background

The Defective Concrete Products Levy was initially introduced in October 2022, as part of a broader initiative to fund the Mica Redress Scheme. It marked a historic move to secure contributions from the construction sector toward rectifying issues related to defective concrete products. The levy came into effect on September 1st, 2023, raising questions and concerns within the industry.

Initially, a range of precast concrete products were included in the levy’s scope. However, following careful consideration and consultations with industry experts, Minister McGrath has taken proactive steps to address these concerns and maintain a balanced approach.

Exclusion of Precast Concrete Pouring

In a welcome move for the precast concrete industry, Minister McGrath has confirmed that pouring concrete used for precast products will be excluded from the Defective Concrete Products Levy. This exclusion aligns with industry feedback and recognises the potential negative impact the levy could have had on the export of precast products and competition within the jurisdiction.

The amendment to the levy will officially take effect on January 1st, 2024. In the meantime, a refund scheme will be in place for the interim period until the end of 2023. This change means that concrete blocks and pouring concrete for uses other than in precast products will remain within the scope of the levy.

Minister McGrath expressed his belief that this amendment strikes a balance between funding the Mica Redress Scheme and minimizing the impact on inflation in the construction sector. The Department of Finance, in collaboration with Revenue, will closely monitor the introduction and operation of the levy and will continue to engage with industry stakeholders to address any issues that may arise.

Important Dates

The first filing date for returns related to the Defective Concrete Products Levy is January 23rd, 2024. This date should be noted by all relevant parties to ensure compliance with the new regulations.


O’Reilly Concrete welcomes the decision to exclude pouring concrete used for precast products from the Defective Concrete Products Levy. This amendment demonstrates the government’s willingness to listen to industry concerns and take necessary action to ensure the continued growth and success of the precast concrete sector.

We are committed to keeping our customers and partners informed about important developments in our industry. If you have any questions or require further information about how this amendment affects your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can navigate these changes and build a stronger, more sustainable future for the construction sector in Ireland.

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Mastering Modern Construction with Precast Concrete

Construction methods have continuously evolved over the years, and the industry’s constant quest for more efficient, high-quality and sustainable practices has given rise to numerous innovations. One such game-changer has been precast concrete. So, let’s dive deeper into how mastering modern construction with precast concrete is turning heads across Ireland and the UK.

What is Precast Concrete? Precast concrete refers to a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mould or “form” which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. This method’s meticulous approach results in superior consistency and the convenience of off-site manufacturing significantly streamlines the construction process.

The Process Unveiled The journey of precast concrete from design to installation is a testament to its efficiency. The process begins with precise planning and strategies for each component. The manufacturing phase occurs in a controlled environment, ensuring the creation of uniform quality elements. Each piece is allowed to cure under ideal conditions to optimise its strength before being dispatched for on-site assembly. This streamlined process reduces project timelines and ensures a high level of quality control throughout the construction.

Benefits at a Glance The adoption of precast concrete in construction projects isn’t just a trend—it’s a shift towards better building practices. Its benefits are four-fold:

  • Superior Quality: Off-site precast concrete components manufacturing enhances consistency and quality. This precise process reduces the chance of errors, ensuring a higher standard of construction.
  • Fast-Track Construction: Precast concrete allows for swift on-site assembly, which can significantly reduce project timelines. This can result in considerable cost savings and quicker turnaround times for construction projects.
  • Built to Last: Precast concrete demonstrates high resistance to weather, erosion, and natural disasters. Its durability ensures longevity, meaning buildings will stand strong for generations to come.
  • Tailored Design: Precast concrete is incredibly versatile. It can be moulded into a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing architects and designers to realise their unique visions without compromise.

Mastering Modern Construction Graphic Explanation

Embracing Sustainability Beyond its practical advantages, precast concrete is a frontrunner toward more sustainable construction practices. Its manufacturing process is designed to minimise waste, and the material’s excellent thermal mass leads to significant energy savings. Moreover, the longevity of precast concrete structures contributes to their sustainability by reducing the need for replacement or extensive maintenance.

Precast concrete has indeed transformed the landscape of modern construction, offering a solution that marries efficiency, quality, flexibility, and sustainability. Whether you’re a contractor seeking faster construction methods or an architect looking to bring ambitious designs to life, mastering precast concrete can give you the edge in today’s competitive construction industry.

Ready to build with the strength, efficiency, and sustainability of precast concrete? Email to start your construction journey with us today.

For further reading on mastering modern construction, consider the following resources:

  1. The Constructor: The Precast Concrete Process Gain an in-depth understanding of how precast concrete is produced from this comprehensive article. It breaks down the process into easy-to-understand steps, from moulding to curing to delivery. You can find the article here.
  2. Built Offsite: 10 Reasons Precast Concrete is Sustainable This article highlights the sustainability features of precast concrete. It provides a list of ten reasons, explaining why and how precast concrete is a sustainable choice for construction. The complete article can be accessed here.
  3. Seven Benefits of Offsite Construction Discover the advantages of offsite construction, including precast concrete, in this insightful article. It outlines seven key benefits, showing how offsite construction methods can transform the industry. Read the full piece here.

These resources will help expand your understanding of precast concrete and its role in modern, sustainable construction.

Explore Cutting-Edge Precast Concrete Technology with O’Reilly Precast at Offsite Expo September 2023

Join the team from O’Reilly Precast, industry leaders in precast concrete, at the OFFSITE EXPO 2023 in Coventry, 19-20 September. As an Offsite Awards finalist for ‘Best Use of Concrete Technology’, we’re looking forward to sharing our innovative solutions with you.

Stand E9: Innovation in Architectural Wall Panels

Explore our revolutionary architectural wall panels firsthand at Stand E9. Our team will be present to delve into the features of our products and answer any queries.

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Celebrate groundbreaking innovation at the Offsite Construction Awards as part of OFFSITE EXPO 2023. Secure your free ticket now and don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. We eagerly await your visit at Stand E9!

Benefits of Visiting OFFSITE EXPO 2023

OFFSITE EXPO is a comprehensive showcase for the construction industry.
Highlights include:
* 1:1 interactions with over 100 offsite manufacturers and suppliers.
* Live demos of diverse offsite solutions.
* Networking with 4,000+ industry professionals.
* Informative CPD Masterclasses by industry experts.
* Access to the Offsite Connect Buyers & Specifiers Forum.

offsite expo 2023 banner

Explore Cutting-Edge Precast Concrete Technology with O’Reilly Precast at Offsite Expo 2023

Join the team from O’Reilly Precast, industry leaders in precast concrete, at the OFFSITE EXPO 2023 in Coventry, 19-20 September. As an Offsite Awards finalist for ‘Best Use of Concrete Technology’, we’re looking forward to sharing our innovative solutions with you.

Stand E9: Innovation in Architectural Wall Panels

Explore our revolutionary architectural wall panels firsthand at Stand E9. Our team will be present to delve into the features of our products and answer any queries.

Register Now for Free Access!

Celebrate groundbreaking innovation at the Offsite Construction Awards as part of OFFSITE EXPO 2023. Secure your free ticket now and don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. We eagerly await your visit at Stand E9!

Benefits of Visiting OFFSITE EXPO 2023

OFFSITE EXPO is a comprehensive showcase for the construction industry.
Highlights include:
* 1:1 interactions with over 100 offsite manufacturers and suppliers.
* Live demos of diverse offsite solutions.
* Networking with 4,000+ industry professionals.
* Informative CPD Masterclasses by industry experts.
* Access to the Offsite Connect Buyers & Specifiers Forum.

Building a Sustainable Future Report CoverWe’re proud to unveil the O’Reilly Group’s comprehensive roadmap to Net Zero by 2050!

Read our plan below ↓

This plan is our steadfast commitment to advancing sustainability within our operations and contributing to a greener planet.

  • Afforestation: We’ve planted 15,000 trees at our Oakstown plant, setting a clear path towards creating a sustainable environment, with plans to expand afforestation to other facilities.
  • Sustainable Concrete: We’re implementing processes like carbon capture and the use of recycled water to make our concrete production even more environmentally friendly.
  • Offsite Manufacturing: Our innovative Architectural Wall Panels not only expedite the building process but also reduce on-site waste, making construction more sustainable.
  • Tech-Driven Efficiency: We’re leveraging technology like BIM and advanced software to optimise operations, reduce waste, and provide high-quality, sustainable products to our customers.
  • Renewable Energy: We’re shifting towards generating 100% of our electricity from renewable sources, kicking off with solar panel installation across all production buildings.
  • We’re proud to be taking significant strides towards achieving Net Zero by 2050.

To read more about our commitments and plans, check out the full sustainability plan below, or if you would like a high-res copy to print or share please contact us here. 

Together, we are building a sustainable future!



O’Reilly Group attended the Offsite Expo May 2023 in ExCel London!

The Offsite Show is the UK’s most innovative shows. It took place at London’s ExCeL on 2-4 May 2023.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to connect & chat to many companies and colleagues in the construction industry about our projects and capabilities.

The event, in partnership with Buildoffsite, welcomed over 4,000 high quality visitors with a vested interest in using offsite solutions and techniques for future business strategies, as well as associated products and services. Co-located with UK Construction Week, and Grand Designs Live.

Over 70 top leading companies showcased at the Offsite Expo May 2023, for off-site and pre-manufactured solutions for the built environment.

Attending & exhibiting were developers, major contractors, builders, consultants, architects, housing associations, local authorities, specifiers, infrastructure projects, civil and structural engineering firms and architectural firms.

Thank you to everyone who has already visited our stand, and we look forward to staying in touch.

We will also be attending the following Expos this year:

Offsite Expo London May 23 Poster

We are featured in Building Ireland’s article titled “Leaders in Construction for over 80 years”.

Established in 1939, O’Reilly Concrete, part of the O’Reilly Group, are one of the largest Precast companies in Ireland and the UK who design, manufacturer and install precast concrete buildings, including Residential, Commercial and Educational projects for a wide variety of Clients.

The O’Reilly Group’s head office is in Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, Ireland, while it has 10 production facilities located across counties Monaghan, Cavan, Meath and Westmeath as well as in Cardiff, which opened in October 2019 to cater for its growing UK business.

Leaders in Construction

Employing 560 people directly and indirectly, the Group is made up of four companies – O’Reilly Concrete Ltd, Barleystone Paving Ltd, O’Reilly Oakstown Ltd and O’Reilly Precast (UK). The Group’s main customers are in the construction sector with its concrete, blocks, paving and precast concrete products being utilised in a wide range of construction activities, ranging from small & large residential and office block projects through to Schools, Hotels, and a variety of commercial projects.

O’Reilly Concrete are unique in the industry as they complete all Design & Detailing work ‘In House’ through their experienced and extensive design & detailing office.

The company’s ‘Modern Method of Construction’ (MMC) has proved innovative and timesaving, while always maintaining high standards in quality. O’Reilly Concrete’s unrivalled track record in its ‘design and build’ projects, along with its complete range of precast concrete solutions, have seen it become one of the market leaders in Ireland and UK.

O’Reilly Concrete’s core products have historically been ready-mix concrete, quarry products, concrete blocks and Agri precast products. It also manufactures its own range of bespoke products which include hollowcore flooring (both Thermal Flooring & Traditional flooring), wide slab floors, precast walls, precast insulated wall panels, prestressed wall panels, precast Column & Beams, precast stairs and the latest addition to the portfolio includes Architectural Insulated wall panels.

In April 2021, O’Reilly Concrete opened its new AWP (Architectural Wall Panel) manufacturing facility in Taghart, Shercock, Co. Cavan. The facility is manufacturing bespoke architectural wall panels, designed by O’Reilly’s in-house team, that includes brick-faced precast panels, coloured rendered finished panels, along with other bespoke finishes.

The construction phase on-site can be reduced by up to 50% with a very small crew compared to traditional build methods. The walls are flexible in design with windows, doors and internal electrical conduits and sockets now being installed at the Factory prior to delivery on site, thus further accelerating the Construction programme for their clients.

“We’re leading designers and manufacturers of precast frame building solutions,” says O’Reilly Group CEO Emmet Cosgrove.

“We operate our own quarries so are self-sufficient when it comes to raw materials. We provide the full design, manufacture, installation, and certification package for our clients. Our business continues to go from strength to strength as the industry, post-Covid, turns towards off-site construction, with more and more developers, architects and engineers realising the real time, cost and CO2 savings that are to be had with our system. The inclusion of our Architectural Wall division to the O’Reilly Group will ensure we continue to provide for what our Clients and the Market requires”.

“Everything is built in and ready for fitting. There are big savings on labour costs and it’s also a more sustainable way of doing things due to less waste due to Factory controlled production and less lorry movement of products and trucks to and from site compared to traditional build methods.”

O’Reilly Concrete partners with main contractors such as BAM, JJ Rhatigans, ABM, Townmore Construction, Sisk, Elliot Construction, Galiford Try, OHMG, Glasgiven, Stewart Construction, Ganson, Vision Construction and Monami on residential, educational, commercial, hospitality, environmental, healthcare and agricultural projects throughout Ireland and the UK. The Irish market accounts for 75% of its business, with the UK market accounting for the rest.

“We have several projects ongoing in the UK presently including a large residential block in Worcester for our long-standing client, Elliotts. We have also just finished in the last few weeks another large residential development in Purley, London for LBC,” Emmet explains

The O’Reilly Group has come a long way since it was formed over 80 years ago as a small sand and gravel family business. Still owned by the O’Reilly family, the Group has retained its core values and commitment to delivering quality, reliability and customer satisfaction to each and every project. The Group is also committed to the highest standards of Health & Safety and even has its own in-house training centre which facilitates and assists in the training and continuous learning of all its employees.

In addition, the Group is proactively looking for new ways to improve its environmental footprint, by reducing CO2 emissions in its concrete with the inclusion of a low carbon filler replacing cement to planting over 15,000 trees at one of its facilities. The Group is currently working on its ‘Environmental Sustainability Roadmap’, which it hopes to publish in Q1 2023.

Offering ‘The Perfect Finish’, Barleystone Paving is the paving arm of the O’Reilly Group. This company’s core products are paving brick, masonry brick, flagstones and decorative stones. O’Reilly Oakstown Environmental is another division of the Group and provides a wide range of environmental solutions both Domestic & Commercial, including wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, precast retaining wall, Petrol Interceptors and rainwater harvesting systems for homes, schools, hotels, businesses, and Agriculture. Over the years, O’Reilly Oakstown has grown to provide full bespoke design and installation services.

Emmet Cosgrove joined the O’Reilly Group as Operations Director in 2015 before being appointed CEO in early 2020. “We’ve continued to grow over the last two-three years, despite the challenges posed by Covid, Brexit, hyperinflation, soaring energy costs and the more recent war in Ukraine,” he points out. “Despite these challenges, we continue to invest in our facilities and in our people to ensure the O’Reilly Group continues to develop and grow into the future”.

Emmet would like to take this opportunity to thank the O’Reilly Group’s clients, customers, partners and suppliers for their continued support as well as its expert teams in every division for their hard work, dedication and commitment that they have shown over the last two-three years in particular.

If you would like to discuss a project contact us at, we would be delighted to have a chat.

This leaders in construction article was published in Building Ireland Magazine, February 2023, Vol 9 No 2


Academy of Music

This year marks the 175th anniversary of the Royal Irish Academy of Music – RIAM. To commemorate this milestone, RIAM has recently undergone a €25 million redesign that has transformed it into a modern campus.

O’Reilly Concrete Ltd are proud to have been part of this ambitious project along with the main project contractor Purcell Construction. The reimagined RIAM now provides students with first-class facilities and enhanced access to musical training and education. Let’s take a look at what this new campus has to offer.

Facilities of the Newly Refurbished RIAM

The newly refurbished RIAM offers

  • Double the number of teaching rooms
  • A 300-seat concert hall
  • 5 acoustically treated faculty zones
  • An opera studio
  • A sonic arts hub

Additionally, there is also a music therapy facility for those who wish to use music as a form of healing. With these state-of-the-art facilities, students will have increased access to higher standards for musical training and education.

RIAM Library Photo by Philip Shields

Increased Capacity for Education and Performance

The newly refurbished RIAM not only boasts improved infrastructure to support musical education and performance but also increased capacity for up to 3500 students to receive training and education at the academy each year. This means that more students than ever before will be able to pursue their dreams in music with better resources available for their use.

RIAM Academy Gets a Tune-Up with O’Reilly Concrete’s Help

O’Reilly Concrete’s hollowcore floors, precast walls, stairs and columns were instrumental (pardon the pun!) in the construction of a 6-storey extension onto the existing building covering over 4,394sq

New Lecture Hall RIAM

We are proud to have collaborated with the esteemed Royal Irish Academy of Music. The O’Reilly Group was honoured to help provide RIAM with a cutting-edge campus, giving students access to top-notch facilities and an exceptional education. This investment in Ireland’s musical culture ensures its longevity.

RIAM Music Director Deborah Kelleher. Photo by Barry Cronin

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